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El diario de Felina editado editado.jpg
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"After years of frustration, fears and tears; a devastated life, changes and growing.

Felina is ready "

—  Felina



I don’t really have any structure within the diary, it’s been kind of difficult to make it and I get tired of thinking how could I explain and write everything, so I decided just write.  Don’t expect a chronological form, I guess sometimes will be but sometimes don’t. 

The purpose of the diary it is to get into the heart of someone, maybe someone who feels everything so deeply as I do, pain, crying, happiness, peace, love and everything. And in where life itself helps us to express all these emotions in the most high level. 

And maybe we ourselves help as well make these emotions explote. 


I struggled with a great depression from 2013 to almost the end of 2018. That depression didn’t let me advance in any area of my life, it didn’t let me work for many years and this is literally; most of the morning I barely could move my body, I was only thinking  “I destroyed my life" and I couldn't really see any way out”. 

I didn't choose well in my past, I commit lots and lots of mistakes, like drugs, steal my parents for drugs, pawn my stuff for drugs, get overdose, did abortions, fight with my ex partners, surround myself with any kind of people, felt the devil presence every night, non sleeping, finishing in jail in the United States, and many things I’m not gonna number right now but you will know it here, all these lead me to the bigger depression I had, with insecurities, thinking suicidal, failures, defeats and everything. 

All these for one reason: made me who I am now. Everything in life has a reason; do not underestimate what happens to you or has happened to you.

After one good decision my life turned around to the most extraordinary way.